Anti-gay is anti-business

More recently, Indiana and Arkansas have found themselves under the harsh glare of the public spotlight for adopting anti-LGBT legislation. Almost immediately, members of the business community committed to inclusion started to push back, canceling expansion plans and travel. The LGBT community and allies took to the streets and to social media, demonstrating that discrimination cloaked under the guise of faith was still discrimination.

Texas faces similar threats now, as anti-business bills have been filed in the legislature. One proposes to roll back the nondiscrimination ordinances that are in place in some Texas cities, including Dallas. Moving back in time will not serve any of us. As someone who came out as a young adult, post-college, just starting my “grown-up” life here in Dallas, I observed firsthand a city that grew to value its LGBT citizens and supporters. I know other Texans are capable of welcoming and nurturing all of us.

Read the full blogpost by CeCe Cox in the Dallas Morning News LGBTQ Insider:

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